Dyeing Unit Updates

Updates on the progress of our dyeing unit

In the past few months we have contracted our own land with the basic infrastructure, water and electrical connections.  We are pleased to report we have made excellent progress on our way to having an environmentally positive dyeing unit.  We now have 5 dyeing machines and are having a boiler made to order. We are looking forward to being operational in April 2014.

Our goal is to install full water filtration and treatment for our unit within the artisan structure within the next 3 months.

What this means is we need to put in place water filtration tanks and a recycling system which will allow most of the waste water to be reused, thereby reducing water usage and creating an additional environmental advantage.


At the end of this process, we will be able to recycle waste water, safely filter out and dispose of toxic chemicals, provide a safe working environment for staff, and have fully GOTS compliant water treatment for solid colour dyeing and printing.  Our mission also includes setting an example and becoming a resource for others.

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